Eight people alleged to be involved in a child abuse scandal at Ctrip’s day care center are to go on trial, Changning District People’s Procuratorate said yesterday.


The defendants include one person surnamed Zheng, the procuratorate said on its website without naming the others.


Previous media reports had identified Zheng as the head of nursery that was set up by Ctrip, China’s leading online travel agency, in 2016 to look after the children of its employees.


The facility, which was run by a third-party agency, hit the headlines in November after video clips posted online showed children being mistreated, pushed to the ground and fed with something that the parents claimed was spicy wasabi.


The center was closed and police launched an investigation into the abuse claims.


The Changning procuratorate had said in December that it had approved the arrest of five suspects, including Zheng.



be involved in 卷入; 涉及,专心

child abuse 摧残儿童,虐待儿童

day care center 日托中心

go on 发生; 进行; 过去; 向前走

media reports 媒体报道(media report的复数)

set up 建立; 准备; 安排; 引起

travel agency 旅行社

look after 照顾; 照料; 料理; 打理

hit the headlines 成为头条新闻

video clips 视频剪辑