They say that blood is thicker than water, that our relatives are more important to us than others. Everyone was so kind to the old lady on her birthday. Surely her daughter would make an even bigger effort to please her?



It was the old lady's birthday. She got up early to be ready for the post. From the second floor flat she could see the postman when he came down the street, and the little boy from the ground floor brought up her letters on the rare occasions when anything came. Today she was sure there would be something. Myra wouldn't forget her mother's birthday, even if she seldom wrote at other times. Of course Myra was busy. Her husband had been made Mayor, and Myra herself had got a medal for her work for the aged.这天是老太太的生日。 为了静心等候邮件,她一早就起床了。邮差打马路那头过来的时候,她从三楼的公寓套间里一眼就可以看到。她难得有信,偶尔有邮件寄来,总是由住在底楼的小男孩给她送上来。 她相信今天肯定会有什么东西寄来。迈拉尽管在别的时候绝很少写信,可母亲的生日她是不会忘记的。当然,迈拉很忙。她丈夫当上了市长,迈拉自己也由于热心为老年人工作而获得了一枚奖章。